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Writing cases for mockosce.com

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We want you to be a Speciality Lead. Click on the image to find out more.

Who can write for mockosce.com

Anyone can create and input a mockosce.com case. We encourage you to do this. Create an account and get writing. We ask you to find a practicing clinician to review your case for clinical accuracy. If you can't find a clinician then contact us and we will do our best to find someone to review the case for you ([email protected]).

What scenarios to write

Our website is separated into a speciality based system. We welcome any scenarios within these specialties. If you feel that a new specialty should be added then please do let us know ([email protected]). Any cases relevant to both undergraduate medical school training or PLAB exams are welcome.

What scenarios to not write:

mockosce.com was not created to help OSCE students cheat. Please, therefore don't submit cases that have just had in your exam. However, remember that there are common themes in medical science and this is reflected in your assessments. If you know previous students have been tested on, for example, urinary dipsticks, then this would make a great theme to create a scenario.

If you work for a university and you note one of our scenarios is from your question bank, please don't hesitiate contact us ([email protected]) and we will either remove the case or significantly change it.

There are lots of other OSCE resources (e.g. textbooks) on the market. Our aim is not to poach these. Please don't copy OSCE cases from other sources. This deprives students the opportunities to learn from these resources. If you notice a similar case from a book then please contact us ([email protected]) and we will either remove the case or significantly change it.

How to series:

1. How to create an account

2. How to upload cases

3. How to title cases?

4. How to create or use tables

5. How to use templates?

6. What should you write ?

7. How to use images?

8. How to edit cases?

9. How to create a new speciality?

10. How to create prescription or fluid charts using the templates


Please note that once you submit a case to mockosce.com that it becomes the ownership of mockosce.com. We do recognize your contribution in the author section and encourage you to enter this into your CV/portfolio. We have certificates of contribution for Speciality Leads and anyone who contributes more then 5 cases.

Advertise We encourage you to advertise your case on our Facebook page.

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If you have any further questions then please do not hesitate to contact us: [email protected]