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Who are we?

We are a group of clinicians and students who want to improve clinical skills in future clinicians. If you'd like to join us in this journey then please contact us about becoming a lead.

Peter Cartledge Photo.jpg
Dr Peter Cartledge, BSc MBChB MRCPCH MSc PCME, [email protected]

Speciality Leads for Anaesthetics and Emergency Medicine
Daniel Potter Photo.jpg
Daniel Potter, Anaesthetic Lead, Univeristy of Leeds, [email protected]
William Kan Photo.jpg
Dr William Kan, Emergency Medicine Lead, FY1, [email protected]
Richard James Photo.png
Dr Richard James, Emergency Medicine Lead, FY1, [email protected]

Speciality Leads for General Medicine
Saad Ghaus Photo.png
Saad Ghaus Endocrinology Lead, Birmingham University, [email protected]
Laura Atkins.png
Dr Laura Atkins, Gastroenterology Lead, Leeds, [email protected]
Toby Price 1.png
Toby Price BSc, Geriatrics Lead, University of Leeds, [email protected]
Laura Allen Photo.jpg
Laura Allen, Cardiology Lead, Univeristy of Leeds, [email protected]
Samuel Edwards Photo.png
Dr Samuel Edwards, Oncology and Palliative Care Lead, University of Leeds, [email protected]
Stephanie Harrison, Rheumatology Lead, University of Leeds, [email protected]

Leads for Obstetrics, Gynaecology & Sexual Health
Zain Velji Photo v2.jpg
Zain Velji BSc, ObsGynSH Lead, Univeristy of Leeds, [email protected]
Geetu Jethwani Photo.png
Dr Geetu Jethwani, ObGynSH Lead, Calderdale Hospital, [email protected]

Speciality Leads for Paediatrics
Rebecca Watson Photo.png
Rebecca Watson, Paediatric lead, Univeristy of Leeds, [email protected]
Rebecca Hilton Photo.png
Dr Rebecca Hilton, Paediatric lead, Calderdale Royal Infirmary, [email protected]
Lalloo Photo.png
James Lalloo, Paediatric lead, Univeristy of Leeds, [email protected]

Speciality Leads for Surgery
Thakrar Photo.png
Dr Chiraag Thakrar Karia, ENT Lead, FY1, East Midlands, [email protected]

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