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Speciality Lead Description

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The Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) is a now a core part of medical school assessment and a great way for medical students to demonstrate their skills as a future clinician.

To prepare for an OSCE students need practice, and lots of it. That's why I’ve created mockosce.com.

This website is based on a MediaWiki Platform. That means that the content of this site is written by students such as yourself who are preparing for their OSCE. We'll also ask qualified clinicians to review cases to ensure that the content is verified. It is quite a simple website that helps students practice cases with other students, providing feedback/mark sheets to aid learning.

Speciality Lead role

In order to do this we are looking for students who are interested in taking on a “speciality lead” role. For example, if you are interested in being an ophthalmologist this is a great way for you to learn more about ophthalmology, to approach and collaborate with opthalmologists and most importantly a way for you to develop your CV in preparation for applying into this speciality training. It also demonstrates your interest in medical education.

What are the skills required by a lead?

  • Interest in medical education (no qualifications required)
  • Personal time management skills and self-motivation
  • Good computer skills (no qualifications required), these skills will be demonstrated in the application process by downloading two cases onto the website
  • Experience in this speciality, i.e. you should have completed the speciality placement at your medical school

What are the roles of the speciality lead?

  • Stimulate interest in other students to write cases
  • Write 5-10 speciality cases per year
  • Identify junior/senior qualified doctors to review cases
  • Identify a national/local speciality curriculum and organize/create cases around this curriculum
  • Maintain the speciality section of the website
  • Answer queries from students regarding speciality cases
  • Advertise the mockosce.com website locally

How many Speciality Leads are being recruited for each Speciality?

We are not restricting each speciality to only one lead as we acknowledge some specialities will need considerable development (e.g. surgery, medicine, paediatrics)

Who can apply?

We are looking for medical students and qualified doctors. If you are a student we ask that you have atleast undertaken a placement in the speciality for which you are applying. If you are qualified then we are looking for any grade of clinician. Your level of training will affect the role you can have within the role.

FREE pocketbook

JP publishers who produce our pocketbook click here for more details have very kindly agreed to sponsor our speciality lead role for medical students. The first 20 students who become a speciality lead and successfully write 10 scenarios for the site will be offered a free copy of our pocketbook.

Are you interested?

If you are interested in the role then please contact me by email ([email protected]) of which specialty you’d like to lead on. The application process is:

1. To write 2 cases on the website in the speciality that interest you,

2. A brief explanation of why you would like the role. We provide a certificate for you for your CV.

An application form can be found here. Please send this to [email protected]

What is the deadline:

There is no deadline for application. We are constantly looking for students or qualified doctors to join our team. If you apply and are successful you will be a Speciality Lead for one-year from being accepted. After one-year we will review your role.