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How to use mockosce.com

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Improve your clinical skills with the PocketTutor book: Clinical Examination by Cartledge et al

This website is best used to aid you to practice with your colleagues.

Step 1: Find a friend

Step 2: Take it in turns to be the candidate, use the Candidate Task Sheet link (for example Candidate_(Y4P1))

Step 3: Your colleague should act the role of the patient/examiner using the Patient/Roll-player Sheet link (for example Patient (Y4P1))

Step 4: Use the Mark Sheet to review your performance

Even as a role playing patient you will learn a great deal from seeing your colleagues performance. Be honest with your feedback.

Editing: if you see errors or scenarios that could be improved then please register and use the edit function to improve this website.


Click on the thumb to watch a video on how to use mockosce.com