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Elderly Medicine

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Elderly (Geriatrics) medicine
Good Clinical Practice Candidate - Task Sheet Patient/Roll-player Sheet Mark sheet Level
Teaching, training, supporting and assessing (student not washing hands) Candidate DM3.2C1 Patient DM3.2C1 Mark sheet DM3.2C1 H
Responding to complaints (complaining family member) Candidate DM3.5C1 Patient DM3.5C1 Mark sheet DM3.5C1 H

Difficulty scale (level): VE = very easy (just getting started), E = Easy (e.g. 3rd year), P = Finals pass, H = Finals honours, D = Finals distinction

Speciality Leads for Elderly Medicine
Toby Price 1.png
Toby Price BSc, Geriatrics Lead, [email protected]